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We are here to experience, research, and understand the existence of unexplained phenomena known collectively as


Tri-City NYPS is dedicated to conducting research and examination of paranormal events and occurrences. We were founded in October 2009 and consist of an eclectic group of individuals trained in various relevant fields such as psychology, astrophysics, anthropology, architecture and mechanics.  We believe in applying everything we do know, to everything we don't know, and run the gamut between believers and skeptics with as much critical thinking and logic as can be applied. We are headquartered at the 1798 Ten Broeck Mansion in Albany, New York and investigate locales within and nearby the greater Capital District.  

The Cause, The Focus, The Truth

Our goal is to help contribute to the field of research in understanding the "paranormal" or unexplained phenomena, and to assist clients who come to us for help by offering to validate or debunk their claims, and help them find a peaceful resolution.  While we never claim to have any definitive answers for what is unexplained, (known laws of science are not applicable to this field at this time), we consistently employ best practices and utmost professionalism to everything we do.  

We use various technology along with some traditional spiritual techniques.  Taking into account all possible approaches, as applicable to each location and situation, is something we maintain for a full investigation. Tri-City NYPS also works in the cryptozoology field and conducts research and field missions into in the search for Bigfoot, and have a full time UFOlogist documenting UFO reports as well. 

It's our goal to help further the field of the paranormal and collect data to show the general public that there could be something out there just out of our reach but within our reality.

Featured Video Clip

At the Shaker Heritage Society in Colonie, NY, an anomalous orb of light was captured doing something strange...

We don't put a lot of stock in something as easily explained as an orb of light, but this video capture is one we've never seen on our surveillance system before. From the second floor of the Brethren's Workshop at the historic Shaker Heritage Society, an orb of some sort splits into two as it moves in a trajectory from right to left across the screen.  One person was present, behind the camera's view - and was not moving and not holding a light source.