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     We are a paranormal investigative team dedicated to conducting research and examination of supernatural events and occurrences. We believe in applying everything we DO know to everything we DON'T know.  We proudly run the gamut between believers and skeptics with as much critical thinking and logic as can be slung at the paranormal, hoping something sticks.

     The team was founded in October 2009 and consists of an eclectic group of individuals trained in various relevant fields such as psychology, astrophysics, anthropology, history, engineering and mechanics.  We have been headquartered in the historic 1798 Ten Broeck Mansion in Albany since 2010, and investigate locales within and around the greater Capital District of NYS.

     We're not here to prove anything to you, or to anyone. Tri-City is not spiritual, not scientific, not anything we wish to adhere to besides, "We really like it."  We're here for what we all share a common interest in: the unexplained.  We have all had years of experience trying to validate our own beliefs or previous activity we've witnessed but been unable to define.  While some of us are based in science backgrounds, others are not, and as a team we don't pretend to put science where there isn't any. This is the paranormal, not a lab. Nothing happens on demand, and that which does is total fakery. 

     We will not come into your home and help ease your fears about demons and other such nonsense.  We are not psychologists, therapists, counselors or licensed in any way to assist with emotional or mental trauma or grief, and we strongly stand against taking advantage of those who need professional help for personal gain.  What we do is use our equipment for validation of what we may be lucky enough to experience, and don't presume to have any answers just because there are audio or video captures that can't be explained rationally. 

We exist to help further the field of the paranormal and experience something out there just out of our reach, but within our reality.

Strange Capture at the Ten Broeck Mansion, Halloween 2014

Gary Robusto is leading a team of guests at the haunted Ten Broeck Mansion during a public event when a stationary flashlight is rolled across a level table surface by an unseen and unknown force. 
No one moved the flashlight, or bumped into the table, or even remotely moved anything near it, but everyone saw it happen.  This is one of those weird we-can't-see-it-only-hear-it type of clips. Shit, you choose to believe what you want to, we just give you the facts as plainly and as honestly as they come.