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EVP and Video Clips are updated Monthly! So Check Back Each month for NEW videos!!!

Rolling Hills asylum, 2012

2 investigators were just finishing setting

up 4 DVR cameras and walking back to

Base Camp. If you watch screens 1-2 you

can clearly see the camera in screen 1

start to turn all by itself. This camera as it

was turning was moving in an upward

motion and going against gravity.

In screen 2 you can see the IR of the

camera slowly dim as the camera is

being turned away from that camera that

is looking down the hallway.   

Cambridge Hotel Phantom Train

  There has been Stories of guest waking up around 2am in Room 114 to the sound of a steam engine train. As we know steam engine trains are no longer in use. We were able to capture the phantom train in the same room as the guest before who have stayed in that room. Listen close as you can hear the train whistle. It seems that the train still comes through this old town and stops at this historic Train hotel. 

Dr. Best House, 2013

  This EVP was captured on what we call a "Static" recorder. This recorder was left in 1 spot all night while we investigated the home. At the point of this capture no investigators were in the room with the recorder and we capture a male voice saying a word. The word said can be clearly heard which we classify this as a class A capture

Ten Broeck Mansion

  2 Investigators were in the Library of the house conducting a Maglite Flashlight session. You can hear our investigator, Josh ask for the light to go off on the count of 3. As he is counting it down and right before he says,"Three" a women voice chimes in and says "Three" right before him. A perfect example of intelligence!!



 During one of our sessions in the meeting hall we captured a EVP of a woman singing. To us it sounds like it may be a shaker hyme. You can hear that we captured this EVP just as the investigators started their session in the very beginning.